This Voyages is for my Intro Computer Science Class

By Adam Zhang, THSI G9 White



Voyage One

Sept 7

What is the definition of computer?

A computer is a electronic device which could store, process, and output information called data.

Click here to see the definition of computer on


Voyage Two

Sept 11

What are the ways in which u currently use the internet?


Voyage Three

Sept 11

What are some computer-based communications mechanisms u currently using? click here to see my communication categorization

  1. Social Media

  2. Email

  3. Handoff

  4. iMessage

  5. Intenet

  6. Morse Code

  7. To write sth on my laptop


Voyage Four

Sept 12

What do u think when u hear "data" click here to see my data journal

I think i would thought of the scene in THE MATIRX