Communication and data privacy

A list of Communication Method:

Scenario to communicate Method WHat data is available Who has access of the data What can be learned from the data in aggregate Why u choose this method
Breaking up with somebody F t F No one other than to of us(normally) He/She and I Data can't be aggragated by people other than us b/c it is more formal and easier to fail
Asking permission to do sth likely to be rejected Wechat The message u sent/recalled/deleted Tencent? What do u want to When u are creating a lie, wechat is easier than realtime communication
Inform a friend/s to go to movie Calling What u said to ur friend/s Government? What movie u are into? Ur friends may not be online that moment
Gossiping someone around u Personal Wechat Conversation The gossip Tencent? again?! The kind of gossip u r interested in? Because it's not really possible for person u r gossiping abt to hear
Gossip abt someone famous/not around u Instagram/Wechat moment What u said abt the gossip Every Ins user/ur wechat friends and Tencent? same with the upper cel It is not formal and a good for entertainment
Getting Help on Homework Wechat Group What u asked Tencent and ur friend In a group, there would be more than one qualified person who could answer my question/s
Feed back on a big/important decision Wechat moment What are u going to decide Tencent and ur wechat friends People usually take moments more seriously than Ins or group chat
Announce u met someone famous Instagram with corresponding tags Whom u met Every ins user Where u currently r To let more people know!
Complain abt ur Parent Ins What r u currently been under Every Ins user What ur family would be like They don't use Instagram...
Mourn someone u lose To myself Whom u r mourning No one except myself --- Because the best mourn is silence
Buy sth from sb u don't know well Taobao What are u buying Ali What's ur interest Because Taobao is a guarantee that the seller won't disappear when they received the money